Other Sacraments


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First Reconciliation

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First Eucharist

First Eucharist in the Nambucca Valley Parish also follows a school-based program and culminates with the candidates receiving their First Eucharist at a designated Mass. This opportunity is given to students in Yr 3. Those children attending schools which are not Catholic are notified of the date of the First Eucharist Information Evening via the Parish Bulletin. The candidates are presented to the Parish Community on a designated weekend before they receive the sacrament.


Funerals may be celebrated in the Nambucca Valley Parish either within or outside of Mass on weekdays. We advise you to make contact with a Funeral Director first, who in turn, gets in touch with us to confirm a suitable date and time. The celebrant of the funeral will then contact you directly to discuss the Order of Service.

Anointing of the Sick

If you wish any of your family members who are elderly or infirmed to be anointed, please notify the Parish Office so a priest can be arranged to visit.